Semester Internship

The CCS internship, began in 2023, is a semester-long invitation-only program in Columbia, South Carolina in which CCS student interns learn how to help their fellow collegians find friends for life and life in Christ. In addition, interns may serve with the youth of the Church in Columbia and participate in regional mission trips.    


The purpose of the CCS Internship is to equip students and recent graduates in college ministry with a view to the building up of the Body of Christ (Eph. 4:12-16). We believe that Christ gave each of His members a function that is gradually manifested as it is exercised (learn by doing) and as it is trained (learn by the example of the full-time staff).


The three pillars of the CCS internship are: 

  1. God's person - Personal time with the Lord in the Word, Prayer, and Ministry 
  2. God's people - Corporate coordination, events, and church meetings
  3. God's purpose - Outreach, fruit bearing, and shepherding



Who can apply for the CCS internship? 

At this time the internship is invite only, but as we grow it will become open to any active CCS member. Acceptance into the internship is not automatic and will require an interview and candidacy evaluation.


How long is the internship?

There is a minimum of one semester commitment; therefore we ask prospective interns to pray before applying and ensure they can commit for the entire semester. Interns are welcome to re-apply after their first semester. 


How much time per week will the internship take?

5-6 hours per week. 


Is the internship paid?

Interns are eligible to receive a support stipend if needed. Interns are welcome to volunteer as well.


What would I do in the internship?

As an intern you would work side-by-side with the campus staff in outreach and shepherding, such as tabling and Bible studies. You would also meet with the staff regularly to pray and coordinate so that your service is that of a team and not of an individual. Since none of our work is effective apart from Christ (John 15:4), you would spend time in the Word to prepare your vessel to flow Christ out.


What if I don't feel qualified to talk to others about God?

Don't worry! We train all our interns before they begin. We believe that Christ has given you an indispensable portion which will develop over time with practice and training!